It is the heartfelt vision of Cosmic love chocolates to produce & sell one of the most delicious and highly vibrationally nutritious ranges of raw chocolate products in the world and help “restore the balance between mankind  and nature”. Together with forming and sustaining alliances which support the optimum and infinite well being of mankind, wildlife and nature embracing  loving unity consciousness..


Cosmic Love Chocolates will invest 20% of its profits  from the sales off  all chocolate bars  and   parfums into  Cosmic love conservation ,cic,community interest company .Which invests in  and co creates water  & forest associated sustainability projects which are also linked to supporting  , youth earth mentoring and  earth connection , stewardship and guardian projects and   musician  projects  which  support   sustainable nature  and  wildlife conservation  and awareness projects .

It  is  our  intention to  co create  many wonderful  events   with  amazing  musicians to also fundraise  ,  fun loving through unity  consciousness  ,infinitely exponential   funds  and awareness to  invest in ,support sustainable  conservation projects.


We use only raw & organic ingredients in everything we make, sourced from certified sustainability projects which support local farmers and the infinite well being of the wildlife, biodiversity and nature.


 Cosmic love chocolates now intends to work in collaboration with other  wonderful  musicians , visionaries  and ethical companies with similar ethics and intentions to exponentially raise funds and increase sale of Cosmic love chocolates to ensure the successful funding & sustainability  of it's co created      projects, for the highest good of all. 


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