Cosmic Love holds the heartfelt  intention  and vision to  make and sell the most highly  vibrational   delicious raw & vegan chocolates and cakes  and exquisitely beautiful   pure perfumes  & auric  scents which hold the divine  intention  of restoring the  balance  between  mankind  and nature(the prophecy  of  raw  chocolate) and of aligning  and uplifting everyone and   our planet ,as one , in sustained  optimum well being , unity  consciousness and loving interconnectiveness.


Cosmic Love Chocolates intends to invest 20% of its profits  from the sale of all chocolate bars and parfums  range into 

Cosmic love conservation cic, community interest company ,which is just being  registered  (October 2020)


Cosmic Love  conservation  CIC .holds the  heart  felt  vision  and intention to co create,  the optimum & infinite exponential  of  gifting  &  funding to receive  the  gifts of and  to  purchase forests, woodlands , land , waterways,   springs & wild life & nature reserves .

With the express  divine  intention of  establishing    & investing   in  optimally .sustainable earth guardian , stewardship, conservation  &  WELL BEING community  projects which  co create &  facilitate the  creation of healing spaces  and or "Being peace centres" ,in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh , which support  and honour  the elevation of  human  consciousness,interconnectiveness & nature connection . Which   also express the  divine healing power  of the wisdom of the elders , high  vibrational  & sacred  sound ,with  song   and movement ,play ,yoga & meditation  and mindfulness in the celebration of life  and living  & supporting optimum  sustainable nature   wildlife  & conservation & indigenous people &  land  projects .

It  is  our  intention to form  many  fruitful  & sustainable alliances with people  and projects  which also  support our visions  to  contribute  to the optimum  sustained  well being  of  nature,wild life and communities and to co create  many wonderful  events with  amazing 

musicians  and alliances to sell  and promote Cosmic love  products and conservation projects together   with the  music  of  musicians and products and   projects  of  our alliances in Cosmic networking  and transparency in business  .Together  with fundraising  in fun loving unity  conscious events to exponentially raise funds  and awareness to increase  investment in  and ensure the successful  funding, support  & sustainability of  all its  co created and linked and co created projects  ,for the highest good  of all

COSMIC  LOVE  CONSERVATION  will  distribute 20%  from its  profits  withinthe  above  projects.


We use only raw & organic  & ethically  sourced ingredients in everything we make, sourced from certified sustainability projects which support local farmers and the infinite well being of the wildlife & biodiversity and nature.

In loving gratitude