Hello, my name is Leah star, I am the founder and director  and  visionary of

Cosmic Love  raw Chocolates & cakes  & pure  perfumes.

I have always held a life long passion to help support & restore and sustain the infinite & optimum well being of  people, forests, oceans, wildlife, nature and the planet. My experiences as a clinical aromatherapist, flower remedy alchemist and raw vegan chocolatier have revealed to me the energetic healing power of plants and their gift to potentiate the full power of the essential and vital life force of each other and elements in interbeing. Indeed,

the  ancient prophecy of raw chocolate is to

“Restore the balance between mankind and nature”.


Ancient wisdom also refers to raw cacao as the “food of the Gods” and as a “bliss” food due to its high concentration of anandamide. This ancient wisdom, together with the fact that raw chocolate is one of the highest sources of magnesium, antioxidants and minerals, inspired me to create Cosmic Love Chocolates’ delicious range of delights as a way to cosmically connect people with these treasures & help restore the balance between mankind and nature with umity  consciousness  as  one  of the essential ingredients. 

All essential oilsed  used  to blend the pure  scents  are ethically sourced  to ensure the high  vibrations  of the  perfumes together   with the  exquisitely beautiful  scents  which are especially blended  to  uplift  and strenghthen your  sustains  and optimun nourishing  comnnection to nature


Cosmic Love Chocolates invests 20% of its profits from  all chocolate bars and perfumes into Cosmic Love  conservation a cic, community  interest company,(which is  just being   established  October 2020)this is a not  for profit organisation  which  is established  to help support sustainable bee  and  forest  & land projects and  musicians  that support the local biodiversity, sustainability & optimum well being of the  indigenous wildlife, populations and nature in unity  consciousness  and loving interconnectiveness -..


With very best wishes from,

Leah star


Cosmic Love