Cacao Ceremonies

     Especially blended with high  vibrational plant essences  to potentize your  sacred cacao experience.

All  ceremonial cacao is  organic and of the highest grade and  is  especially  blended  for  your  event to potentize  the  collective  and  individual  intentions,manifestations  and  healings,under  grace  and with happiness  in miraclous ways.

Ceremony is   for  approximately  30 mins  to include  intention setting  & prayers tosupport high  vibrational  alignment,under grace.

For  product  launches, kirtan,retreats, festivals ,concerts  parties  and intimate gatherings.

  Together ,we are united  with you in Uplifting  & sustaining the loving high  vibrations  of conscious unity    and  co creating   wonderful  events  which uplift all .

 Cosmic love  Cacao ceremonies ,chocolates  and cakes and  parfumes and  Cosmic Love  Catering  create the  space for the beautiful miracles  to flow wonderfully ,under grace

Contact us  for chat & co create miracles  together .

Cacao  ceremony only £5pp

Cacao ceremony  extra ,£108,to include  geomancy/earth healing , auric  cleansing, prior to the  cacao ceremony(approx  2 hours beforehand)) .plus £5pp cacao

large  events  over 50 persons discounts available on request